Satoshi Nakamoto “Dead”, Claims BitMEX CEO
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Satoshi Nakamoto “Dead”, Claims BitMEX CEO

“I think they’re already dead,” said Hayes about Satoshi, adding that he does not believe the identity of the creator of bitcoin will ever be revealed. Satoshi is said to have 980,000 BTC, worth USD 10 billion based on the current value of bitcoin. Earlier this year, when the bitcoin price peaked to USD 14,000, the net worth of Satoshi jumped to USD 13.72 billion. Since then, the price of bitcoin has dropped by more than 29 percent.

It is difficult to prove the real identity of Satoshi. Although his identity may be proved by signing the wallet Satoshi owns, there is always a possibility that the wallet could be stolen or the keys may have been in jeopardy. There is also a possibility that Satoshi is not an individual but a group that contributed to the launch of bitcoin. In this case, it would be even more difficult to prove the identity of the creator of bitcoin.

The CEO of BitMEX foresees the bitcoin price achieving USD 100,000 in the next three years, which would place Satoshi’s assets at USD 98 billion. Satoshi would then be the second richest person in the world behind Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos. The price of bitcoin is rising by more than double year to year.

Based on the performance of BTC throughout 2019 when geopolitical risks intensified, BTC has not shown strong signs of a safe haven when compared to traditional commodities like gold. However, as its value increases and the conditions for cryptocurrencies improve, the perception of bitcoin could change and it could appeal to a bigger market of investors.


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