BTC almost $ 5,000
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BTC almost $ 5,000

Lastnight, after a long time, Bitcoin (BTC) bounced off the bottom. In recent days, the price was below resistance point at $4,200. After it sharply broke this point, it did not stop at resistance around $4,400 and continued short-term up to $5,000 price tag. This price level was not maintained and Bitcoin (BTC) price stabilized around $4,800.

This sudden growth is bringing a positive mood for the entire cryptocurrency market and similar growth should be followed by other altcoins. The market capitalization of Bitcoin (BTC) is highest since 22nd november 2018.

This increase may be the beginning of a bullish (growth) trend that the entire crypto community has been waiting for. There is no significant resistance at the current price level and while maintaining this growth potential, the Bitcoin (BTC) price would not be hindered by reaching price around $5,500.


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