Bitcoin is securing its place in the Premier League
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Bitcoin is securing its place in the Premier League

The most famous football league in the world, the English Premier League, is among the most-watched sports leagues ever. Various statistics estimate that up to 70% of the total population is watching the English league in the UK alone, and its matches are broadcast worldwide. According to the most optimistic assumptions, the Premier League is to be broadcast to 640 million homes, with potential audiences of up to 4.7 billion people. That is why it is so important for Bitcoin to start building its name using this league.

Already at the end of last season (roughly mid-2019), speculations began to circulate that Bitcoin will appear on the jerseys of one of the clubs. What really happened when Watford players dressed in jerseys that had the Bitcoin logo on their sleeves. However, the journey of Bitcoin in the Premier League has just begun. In the last round of matches of the Premier League, Bitcoin appeared on the side banners in several matches, for example on Sunday's Bournemouth vs. Watford or Aston Ville vs. Manchester City, the reigning champion. The Bitcoin ads even appeared during the most anticipated match of the season - Tottenham vs. Liverpool. It seems that an advertising company and trading platform in one, eToro, which is behind the ads, has agreed to cooperate with teams such as Brighton, Leicester City, Crystal Palace, and Southampton. Such promotion not only of the platform itself but especially of Bitcoin can greatly help and boost the adoption of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as such.


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