The author of the bestseller Rich Dad, Poor Dad: Dollar is about to die, buy gold, silver, and bitcoin
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The author of the bestseller Rich Dad, Poor Dad: Dollar is about to die, buy gold, silver, and bitcoin

Robert Kiyosaki is a well-known financial advisor, writer, and author of several bestsellers. His best-selling book is undoubtedly the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad in which he seeks to educate people on topics such as financial literacy and investment. Robert Kiyosaki is also a major critic of the current financial system, as evidenced by several new tweets.

“Why is the dollar dying? In 2008, the FED printed out $ 4.5 trillion to save the rich. By 2020, the FED is about to print $ 6-8 trillion, perhaps even more, to save the US economy. Overall, there is gold worth $ 9.5 trillion in the world. Buy gold, silver, bitcoin. No paper ETF gold or silver. PhDs in the FED are idiots.”

That was one of the many critical tweets that appeared on Robert Kiyosaki's account. But the overall mood of his tweets was basically the same. The dollar is dying. We need to buy physical gold, silver, and bitcoin. The FED doesn't know what it is doing. This is Kiyosaki's view of the current situation in the financial world.

His reaction is not surprising at all. Since 2016, Robert Kiyosaki has commented that we are facing a financial crisis that may cause the dollar to disappear. In addition, it has long been advised to invest in physical gold and silver and not in their ETFs. This is to point out the importance of owning the asset and not just its paper ETF. He has the same opinion on bitcoin, and he has been very positive about it for some time. He sees bitcoin as digital gold and especially insists on his predetermined number of bitcoin in the world - 21 million BTC. However, he is still a big fan of gold; he even owns some and is certainly not going to sell it.


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