Will Ethereum 2.0 brings the biggest economic coup in the cryptocurrency world?
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Will Ethereum 2.0 brings the biggest economic coup in the cryptocurrency world?

As we mentioned in previous articles, Ethereum is facing very challenging times, as it is about to change from a proof-of-work concept to a proof-of-stake. This is a long-awaited and planned event that is to help this cryptocurrency in several ways. However, according to Conestoga College professor of computer science, Adam Cochran, the change from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake will be particularly felt in terms of the Ethereum’s price.

According to Adam Cochran, ETH 2.0 is supposed to cause the biggest economic upheaval that the cryptocurrency community has ever experienced. Cochran expects ETH 2.0 to enormously reduce the supply of ETH in circulation and increase demand, mainly due to an attractive annual profit of 3-5% per year. Such profit can be gained if investors keep the ETH in their own wallets (a process known as staking), with a minimum number of 32 ETHs per staking per wallet.

According to Cochran, who was one of the members of the Dogecoin cryptocurrency marketing team in the past, staking is supposed to attract the attention of institutional investors and big players. They will buy Ethereum on a large scale and hold it to secure an annual profit guaranteed from staking. Cochran expects that around 10 to 30 million ETHs will be held, which is about 10 to 30% of the total ETH supply in circulation. It is staking that will cause the supply shock, which should subsequently help the price of Ether to grow.

In addition to staking, there will be several other changes taking place. ETH 2.0 will enable better scalability, greater real-world use through more applications, or a complete change in gas fees. In particular, all these steps should lead to a more efficient and faster network, which, in addition to the increase in users, should also experience an increase in the price of the second-largest cryptocurrency.

So, if you've been considering investing in this cryptocurrency, maybe the time is right. At the current ETH price, the profit for staking is conditioned by an investment worth approximately $ 6,000. At Dollero Technology, we have already thought about this "reward" for holding the cryptocurrency when designing the entire ecosystem. Unlike in ETH, however, you can join this program while holding 1,500 DLLRs, which represents a current investment of € 1,500. Together, we will redistribute 25% of the company's profits to those who meet this condition. Are you still considering entering the cryptocurrency world?


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