Well-known American investor: The worst crisis in history is just around the corner!
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Well-known American investor: The worst crisis in history is just around the corner!

A well-known American investor, Jim Rogers, said in a recent interview with The Economic Times that, in his opinion, we are facing the worst crisis since the Great Depression of the interwar period. The founder and current director of Rogers Holding, whose assets exceed $ 300 million, accuses central banks of headlessly printing billions to trillions of dollars. According to him, this fact will be the cause of the worst financial crisis of our time.


Jim Rogers also accused current US politicians of a pre-election manipulation of markets. According to him, markets cannot possibly be growing as the impact of the coronavirus still looms over the economy. In the long run, the situation will turn out worse than expected.

"Keep in mind that election is only 3 months away and all these politicians want to be re-elected. They don't care about you, me, or our children at all. All they are interested in is their re-election in November. That is why positive things will continue to happen and the markets will be fine for a while.”


These were the words of Jim Rogers, who is particularly worried about what will happen after the election. According to him, a huge bubble is about to burst right after the election, so we should watch out for the American markets. Investors should protect themselves from the looming disaster by buying gold and silver, which form a significant part of Jim Rogers' portfolio.


Among other things, he also said that he invested in sectors such as transport, tourism, agriculture, or airlines. Rogers is thus betting mainly on the sectors that have been hit by the crisis the hardest. According to him, investments in shares from these sectors are a gold mine because even if there is a big drop in the markets, the losses of these companies will not be large.


Jim Rogers also said that Bitcoin is a good investment to protect assets. He believes that cryptocurrencies have a place in the future. The vast majority of cryptocurrencies have a limited number of units and thanks to blockchain this number cannot be changed. That is why cryptocurrencies are not prone to manipulation and intervention of politicians who often because of their personal ambitions do not look at what their decisions will cause in the future. It is for this reason that cryptocurrencies are an ideal tool for protecting funds against inflation.


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