Blockchain in your company
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Blockchain in your company

The word blockchain has become the “buzzword” in business environment, although not every business person does understand it. It doesn't mean it cannot be used in some way for instance in your company too.

Frank Xiong, vice president of Oracle's group for blockchain product development, one of many within a company that's a leading global business software provider, predicts that 50-60% of companies will use blockchain in upcoming 3 years. Such forecast comes in times when other big companies' leaders predict early blockchain technology adoption into business sector.

The vice president is realistic in his announcements and also continues that this technology is not the final solution for every business. Days, when people thought blockchain was going to cure everything, are gone. Entrepreneurs are realizing just now what's good for their business model. Blockchain has certainly competitive edge in company integration in supply chain (eg. Amazon), making multipart collaboration more effective and in tracking data of any goods.

In the following years, blockchain is going to seriously influence how the world around us works. It is going to bring revolutionary changes in business area, transforming the whole economy from scratch. We are currently facing a birth of something, that is going to form future in a similar way as adoption of the Internet in not-so-far past.


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