The value of crypto exchange tokens is growing at a rocket pace
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The value of crypto exchange tokens is growing at a rocket pace

The fast growth of exchange tokens is being noticed by an increasing number of experts. Some look at these cryptocurrencies with concern, while others see them as a huge investment opportunity. The list of examples is long - Hxro gained 1,000% in the last year, FTX token gained 157% since the beginning of this year, and OKB and BNB tokens also 30% each. This seems incredible compared to the gradual growth of other cryptocurrencies.


So, what do skeptics see as the biggest problem? Exchange tokens make their way as a modern form of shares issued by companies that operate exchange platforms. Many of them employ some of the forms of "staking" and thus offer both larger and smaller users of the platform various benefits, most often discounts on trading fees. Thus, users are motivated to hold a certain value in the tokens of a given exchange, and so the tokens serve as shares - security tokens. Those in some countries (such as the USA) are subject to much stricter regulations, which, however, do not follow the conditions that joint-stock companies must meet. There is therefore a risk that, if these regulations would to tighten, companies would not be able to cope with this legislative pressure and, together with their tokens, would lose value after they are closed down.

On the other side stand companies that operate centralized exchanges, their investors, as well as users who have been able to increase their resources by purchasing exchange tokens. Fairytale-like increases in the value of individual tokens rely heavily on functional and sophisticated business models. A business plan of any company and its management should focus on laws and legislation valid for such a business. Every exchange that wishes to be perceived as a worthy player must offer its users a stable environment and a platform that meets all the conditions of the regulators. Companies invest a lot of resources and especially time to avoid the aforementioned problems. At Dollero Technology, we know how demanding this process is and we are also working to create a model that would enable us to guarantee the smooth operation of the exchange. We see that this effort and our meticulous desire to create a quality platform are paying off - a larger number of users and the steady growth of the value of the exchange token. From the point of view of the investor and the people who own and hold the token, the benefits are quite clear. 

Every business always carries with itself certain risks, and cryptocurrency exchanges are no exception. However, if companies, for example, respond to legislative challenges flexibly and look ahead, they can gain a stable place on the world market by overcoming these legislative challenges and increase the value of their stock exchange tokens.


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