Dollero Technology in 2021
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Dollero Technology in 2021

The year 2020 was strange as the world has changed beyond recognition. People had to change many of their habits very quickly. Working from home, fewer meetings with friends and family, more online shopping, and also the anxiety of what's coming next. Some companies were forced to close down as the global pandemic has literally cut them off from customers. However, there is one sector that has made the most of the situation - the online environment! A huge part of the world immediately switched to online shopping, online meetings, online work, and companies operating in this sector are now enjoying the favor of their customers. Even though digitization is an unpreventable process, its speed, however, surprised even the most experienced professionals.

Of course, the pandemic and its consequences have also affected cryptocurrencies. Traders could not agree on how the prices of individual cryptocurrencies would develop in the aftermath. However, the answer is clear today. The price of the most famous cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC), is currently at $ 38,700, which represents the new ATH (All Time High) and continues to rise. Ethereum started 2020 at a price of $ 133 and to date has exceeded $ 1 270. A similar fate is now being experienced by other cryptocurrencies, and their rising prices are also raising trade volumes and capitalization, which has exceeded its peak of 2018 to $ 1 trillion.

At Dollero Technology, we are very lucky as we were able to switch to working from home in the blink of an eye and keep the business running (especially Dollero Exchange development). Throughout the year, we were able to ensure that the trading platform we are about to bring to the market meets the strictest criteria and requirements of traders. The legislative side of the project has also undergone extensive changes as the EU and its Member States have adopted new directives and laws on cryptocurrencies and exchanges (especially KYC and AML). From the point of view of Dollero Technology, we can therefore evaluate the past year as very successful, despite the small bumps along with the roadmap. The finish line is in sight.

So, what do we have in the pipeline for 2021? We consider this year to be the most important in the history of the project. The above-mentioned factors, such as the faster transition to the online world, the enormous rise in the prices of cryptocurrencies, and also the volume of trade, are positive news for us. In the first phase, we will launch a beta version of the Dollero Exchange to work out the shortcomings in cooperation with professionals and traders from all over the world. Then, we will launch the user version and trading on the Dollero Exchange can begin. We consult the entire exchange development process with top experts and are confident that the project will run a groundbreaking technology. For us, 2021 will be a year our work and efforts will be introduced to a wider audience. We look forward to finally being able to show the world what we have been working on since 2018 - the Dollero Exchange! May you find great success in 2021!


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