Why Ether should not be missing in the portfolio
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Why Ether should not be missing in the portfolio

The year 2020 meant for the cryptocurrencies from the point of view of the total capitalization mainly the arrival of institutional investors. Due to the significant rise in prices, they also noticed an increased interest of common people, and this trend continues also in the current year. Of course, most investors are currently interested in the strongest cryptocurrency, bitcoin. Today, however, we will look at the permanent #2 of the crypto world - Ethereum.

Author note: The term Ethereum refers to the whole project (platform) and the cryptocurrency itself is officially called Ether. However, you will commonly find that the cryptocurrency is also referred to as Ethereum.

Ether has grown by as much as 1,200% since March 2020, overtaking bitcoin, which has grown "only" 700% over the same period. It should also be mentioned that the capitalization of ETH represents only one-fifth of bitcoin. Currently, it has also managed to exceed its ATH, which reached the level of more than $ 1,400. The figures thus clearly speak in favour of Ethereum and also suggest that it should not be missing in the portfolio of any investor even in 2021.

Ethereum is also the top platform for the creation of decentralized projects and their ERC-20 tokens. Their number is still growing and despite great competition in the form of projects such as Tron, Polkadot, Cardano and Tezos, the Vitalik Buterin’s platform continues to hold the lead. One of the projects running on this platform is sure to be familiar to you and that is Dollero Technology.

In 2020, the Ethereum blockchain recorded more than a trillion transactions, surpassing, for example, the number of payments of a global giant such as PayPal. It also remains a leader in DeFi (Decentralized Finance), with the value of these projects already exceeding $ 23 billion and still growing.

The second-largest cryptocurrency, Ether, is looking forward to a very interesting year, and many analysts consider it as currently one of the most underrated. Its price could attack new levels of ATH and bring investors interesting valuations.


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