Bonds heading to blockchain
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Bonds heading to blockchain

French company Societe Generale SFH, a subsidiary of one of the biggest european financial services providers - Societe Generale Group, issued security tokens on ethereum blockchain worth EUR 100 million.

This pilot project, developed in cooperation with intracompany startup environment Societe Generale, mainly aims to explore the possibilities of more efficient bond issuance, what could potentially lead to higher levels of transparency, faster transferability and settlement. Security tokens issued on blockchain offer new standards for issuance, that will facilitate and make secondary trade more attractive, will reduce cost and number of intermediaries.

Societe Generale is interested in supervision of blockchain-based platforms, where commodity trade can be funded. The plan is to digitize trade and financial processes, through building open platforms based on Ethereum blockchain infrastructure. It is the very first project in the EU, where a financial institution fully uses potential of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. It delivers higher security and lucidity.

At the beginning of April, Kleinwort Hambros bank, which is owned by Societe Generale, issued an exchange-traded note made up of blockchain-related companies. The stocks reportedly included 20 companies, which are expected to profit from distributed ledger and blockchain technology adoption.


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