Bitcoin is "too important to ignore"
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Bitcoin is "too important to ignore"

Deutsche Bank Research, a subsidiary of the world bank giant Deutsche Bank, has issued a report dedicated exclusively to bitcoin. According to this report, bitcoin is "too important to ignore". Behind this statement is, in particular, the growing market capitalization of bitcoin, which has already exceeded $ 1 trillion.

In the aforementioned 18-page study, they describe the basic characteristics of bitcoin and analyze the key drivers of its significant price increase. They also suggest that its price may continue to rise if other asset managers and companies enter the market. Deutsche Bank emphasized that central banks and governments understood that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies would remain on the market. Therefore, it assumes that they will start regulating them already this year.

Of course, the study did not omit the negatives of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. They claim that they are hampered in particular by weak tradability and liquidity. However, they are debating how much these factors inhibit cryptocurrencies and how their gradual elimination could affect the price.

The fact that huge companies and even banks deal with cryptocurrencies on such a large scale only supports the very conclusion of the study that cryptocurrencies will stay with us here. They assume that their inclusion in the economy will be decided within 2-3 years. Until then, they say, cryptocurrencies will remain a highly volatile asset. So, if analysts are not wrong, we still have a few years left, during which the prices of cryptocurrencies will be unpredictable exactly as we know them, and this may not always be just a disadvantage.


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