Will we see Bitcoin at $ 100,000 this year?
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Will we see Bitcoin at $ 100,000 this year?

It's been almost exactly 10 years since Bitcoin crossed the $ 1 mark. Since then, it has experienced a wild ride, and despite many predictions about its downfall and articles that Bitcoin is dead, it regularly proves to us that we all are probably underestimating its potential. With the achievement of the new ATH, it is becoming increasingly clear that cryptocurrencies will be a significant factor in shaping the financial world in the future. Opinions differ as to how far its price can go due to its unique properties. But one thing is certain. Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies have already built such a strong position that everyone must count on them in the future.

CEO of Celsius, a cryptocurrencies loan company, says Bitcoin is undoubtedly heading for the new ATH and will break the $ 100,000 mark in 2021. Alex Mashinsky also urges investors to keep Bitcoin as far as possible and not to spend it. The data show that more and more people are using the most known cryptocurrency as a method of payment.

As an example of how to do this, he talked about the often mentioned Tesla, which, in addition to adding BTC as a payment method, declared that they would not convert the received cryptocurrency into FIAT currencies and would keep it. According to him, this is exactly the path that companies and investors should take in their thinking towards cryptocurrencies. He also pointed out that many other factors also point to future growth in the price of this asset.

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Bitcoin created its new ATH just a few days ago, and it only took a month to overcome the previous one. The previous ATH was set at $ 61,781 on Bitstamp. However, after a minor correction, the bulls finally broke the $ 60,000 mark in April and BTC reached the level of $ 63,000.

According to Bybt, this sharp growth also resulted in the liquidation of short positions worth approximately $ 900 million. Most of them were liquidated on the most famous exchange Binance, which is in this, for bears unpleasant statistics followed by exchanges Huobi, Bybit and OKEx. The question remains whether the bulls are strong enough to test other new highs.


Bitcoin has once again managed to get into one of the most famous and longest-running television shows in the world - The Simpsons. In the 18th episode of the 32nd series of this animated sitcom, the ticker BTC appeared, among others, followed by the symbol of the horizontal figure eight - ie infinity.

The idea that the price of Bitcoin can rise indefinitely is not new and has already been expressed by Jesse Powell (CEO of Kraken) and Michael Saylor (CEO of MicroStrategy). It is based on the fact that the dollar and other classic FIAT currencies theoretically do not have their bottom, as more and more money is constantly being printed. It is this fact that can get Bitcoin to truly incredible values ​​in the future, which have virtually no limits.

Although it is only an animated series, its authors are often right in their predictions of significant events in the future. Their crystal ball can boast, for example, of predicting the presidency of Donald Trump, but also of the Greek financial crisis, or the arrival of a pandemic.


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