Steve Wozniak: Bitcoin is a "mathematical miracle"
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Steve Wozniak: Bitcoin is a "mathematical miracle"

Bitcoin is often referred to be digital gold and seems to be gradually gaining the favour of many celebrities from around the world. Apple's co-founder Steve Wozniak is also a big supporter of BTC. Last week, during his presentation at the Talent Land Jalisco conference, he stated that he did not invest in Bitcoin, but believes in its bright future. He added that Bitcoin is, in his opinion, more attractive than gold and is the most amazing mathematical miracle.

According to Wozniak, the future of digital assets is very promising, especially thanks to the talent of many people in this industry. Every year, Jalisco Talent Land brings together through conferences young people, professionals, government and companies. The main goal of the event is to develop technological, innovative and business projects.


But is Bitcoin really better than gold? The rise in the price of Bitcoin in recent years has made this digital asset often recommended as an alternative store of value. Investors recorded massive returns from Bitcoin and, in addition, it turned out to have a higher return than traditional savings methods. This is probably what Wozniak realized, also mentioning the great potential of Bitcoin as a store of value.

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As Apple's co-founder, Wozniak certainly knows what he's talking about. Apple is a great example of how technology is affecting our lives. We see their devices all around us, and cryptocurrencies represent the next step in this technological revolution. You've probably stopped at Steve believing Bitcoin, but not investing in it. According to him, the reason is that he is not interested in money, but in technology as such.


It is also interesting that Wozniak also released his own cryptocurrency called Efforce (WOZX). This cryptocurrency aims to enable investment in energy efficiency projects. It reached its all-time high at $ 3.15 last December, and with a market cap of about $ 100 million, it is around 300 in the cryptocurrency rankings. It is currently trading at $ 0.70.

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However, Wozniak's support for Bitcoin is far from over. The wave of prominent investors and supporters started after the announcement of the intention to invest in Bitcoin by MicroStrategy. These include, for example, billionaire Stanley Druckenmiller and former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci. Jack Dorsey, CEO of Bitcoin, is also a well-known supporter and long-time fan of Bitcoin. Elon Musk is also associated with cryptocurrencies, but he has a slightly more complex relationship with Bitcoin and the crypto community.


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