PSG pay Messi also in cryptocurrency
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PSG pay Messi also in cryptocurrency

The leaving of Lionel Messi from Barcelona has recently dominated the newspaper's headline. Messi has not only been a part of the Barcelona football organization for many years but has also been considered one of the best footballers in the world for a long time. The reason for the media coverage was that he was unable to renew his contract with Barcelona due to the rules of the Spanish La Liga. However, the qualities of this player allowed him to find a new club almost immediately and his new employer will be the french Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

If you haven't understood what this event has to do with cryptocurrencies, we're getting to that. According to Reuters, part of Messi's transfer agreement is that, in addition to the dizzying salary, he will also receive PSG fan tokens as part of the "welcome package". If Messi hasn't owned any cryptocurrencies yet, he certainly will. It is also interesting that a player of his level has never received cryptocurrencies as a direct part of the contract with the club.


The aforementioned PSG fan tokens were created in collaboration with Chiliz, and it is increasingly speculated that similar systems could be used by several large clubs and sports teams around the world. The PSG fan token is traded under the $ PSG symbol of the same name and was created in 2020. It serves mainly as a way for fans to communicate with the club and through it, they can also participate in various interactive votings. For example, fans could choose the saying on the captain's armband, or choose the motivational messages that are on the walls of the locker room. Token holders can also vote on the prizes that players receive at the end of the season and on the goals that the club should follow for the season.

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The uproar over Messi's transfer had, of course, also affected the price of the PSG token. It is traded on crypto exchanges such as Upbit and Binance. The price of the PSG was around $ 22, and on the day of the announcement of Messi's transfer, it rocketed to almost three times the value - $ 58. Since then, its price has fallen slightly again. PSG's daily trading volumes during the busy summer transition period reached up to $ 1.2 billion, and its market cap is at the level of $ 120 million.

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Of course, the club assumes that the arrival of Messi will bring significant business income, for example from the sale of tickets, jerseys and other fan items. It is not yet known how many tokens Messi itself received. However, this event is considered a major and important moment in the development of digital assets and sports. Professional athletes and celebrities accepting payments in cryptocurrencies send a clear positive signal to the market about the growing adoption of cryptocurrencies in the world.


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