How's the cryptocurrency market?
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How's the cryptocurrency market?

Cryptocurrencies can already be considered mainstream in general, and they appear quite often in the most well-known media. The latest survey conducted by the independent research company Qualtrics will give us a much closer look at the adoption of cryptocurrencies. It was conducted on a sample of 8,000 respondents and was designed to provide an overview of people's awareness across Europe.

Based on the data obtained, we can say that we observe a high level of awareness of cryptocurrencies among Europeans and also that they plan to own more of them. The first place in the imaginary ranking is occupied by the people of Spain, where up to 80% of consumers know digital currencies. The United Kingdom is right behind them, with 66% of adults knowing cryptocurrencies. The survey also shows that about a third of those who know them have cryptocurrencies. In this respect, they are again the best in Spain, where an incredible 46% of the population owns cryptocurrencies.


We are also following very positive numbers in other countries. 64% of Dutch, 60% of Germans, 58% of Italians know cryptocurrencies, and we observe a similar level of awareness in France - 56%. Another interesting fact is that more than half of those who have already invested in cryptocurrencies plan to increase their exposure in the future. In addition, a large proportion of investors in this market are completely new and bought the first cryptocurrencies in 2019 or later.


These data clearly show that Europe is an up-and-coming market for cryptocurrencies. However, perhaps the most critical finding is the correlation between the level of education in this area and the investment in this asset class. Simply put, the more consumers understand cryptocurrencies, the more they are inclined to invest. We also consider education essential in Dollero Technology, which is why the Dollero Academy was established, where everyone can acquire the necessary knowledge.

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In addition to education in the field of cryptocurrencies, investors are, of course, also interested in how prices will develop. This year was expected to be a turning point, and many analysts saw Bitcoin at the 6-digit price level for the first time. This enthusiasm was slightly slowed down, especially in the last month, and the BTC price stuck at around $ 50,000 after reaching a new high.

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The overall economic situation in the world, particularly the rising level of inflation, should positively impact in the long run. According to analysts, we are currently in the consolidation phase and reaching the magical 100k limit could be postponed to the beginning of 2022. A good signal that could start this move would be, for example, the adoption of "bullish" regulations in the US.


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