5 Applications to Monitor Cryptocurrencies
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5 Applications to Monitor Cryptocurrencies

Applications to monitor cryptocurrencies, enabling us to follow their current development, are fantastic tools. But do you know which are the most precise and, consequently, the best ones from among the hundreds of them?

1. Blockfolio

Blockfolio is one of the earliest and most popular applications to monitor cryptocurrencies.

It is completely free and enables its users to monitor their cryptocurrency portfolio or get the latest updates on the development of the prices of cryptocurrencies. The application is meant only for mobile devices and is available for Android as well as iOS.

Its disadvantage is the simplicity of its user interface, so professional traders may miss some more complex functions.

2. Delta

With over a million downloads, Delta is one of the most popular mobile applications to follow the development of cryptocurrencies. While most applications have been developed for mobiles, Delta offers even a desktop version for Windows, Mac or Linux.

Users can set Watchlists in the application to monitor the movement of the cryptocurrency they are planning to buy. The application also enables users to synchronize their crypto wallet with their Delta account.

Its disadvantage is the relatively high cost of its PRO version (USD60-70/year).

3. CoinStats

The CoinStats application enables its users to monitor and manage over 3,000 various cryptocurrencies in a single interface. The application is available for desktop as well as mobile devices (Android and iOS) and has over 500,000 active users.

Although the user interface and the design of the application are nothing great, its long list of functions makes it stand out from its competitors. CoinStats analyzes the prices of cryptocurrencies from over 100 cryptocurrency exchanges to provide the most accurate data possible and, thanks to its chat function, users can also get update notifications.

Users can create portfolios by synchronizing their accounts and they can own as many as 9 crypto wallets.

4. CoinTracking

CoinTracking is used mostly by experienced traders. The application offers over 50 cryptocurrency exchanges and dozens of software and hardware wallets, so it fulfils the expectations of even the most demanding traders.

Although it also has a mobile version for iOS and Android, the platform primarily focuses on desktops.

The application offers a wide range of complex functions, such as the automatic exchange and import of a blockchain, tax calculations, personal export in CSV, XLS, PDF etc. Most of these functions, however, are available only in the paid version of the application, whose price ranges from 180 to 3,400 dollars.

5. CryptoCompare

In CryptoCompare, you will find everything that is related to cryptocurrencies, not only the development of their prices. The website in its desktop version has an educational section which enables users to learn more about crypto wallets or cryptocurrency mining.

One of the most valued functions of the application is its risk analyzer which provides an overview about how volatile the user portfolios are. A detailed and simple understanding of the documentation is available for each function, so CryptoCompare is an application meant even for new traders.

Its disadvantage is that all the deals must be added manually because the application is not able to synchronize API.


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