25 bitcoin transactions worth 6 billion dollars
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25 bitcoin transactions worth 6 billion dollars

On Sunday 30 June, several bitcoin transactions were included in a single block. They were worth USD 6 billion.

According to the AmbCrypto portal, all transactions formed a larger linear transaction. “Wallet 1”, which initiated the transaction, sent 24,393 BTC to “wallet 2” and 300 BTC to “wallet 3”. The last wallet received 5,800 BTC in total and was the receiving wallet in all 25 transactions.

“Wallet 2” also transferred 300 BTC to “wallet 3” and 24,093 BTC to “wallet 4” in the chain. It continued the same way for the next 23 transactions. Interestingly, one transaction contained the following message: “We'll buy your Bitcoins. sell.buy.bitcoin@protonmail.com”

After publishing the news on the transactions, “wallet 3” performed 440,505 transactions, received 5,959,532 BTC and currently owns nearly 6,445 BTC, which represents about 72.5 million dollars.


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