Pepsi got 28 % efficiency increase
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Pepsi got 28 % efficiency increase

Well-known company PepsiCo was not afraid to conduct blockchain experiments in atypical area of programmatic advertising. 28 % boost in the process efficiency came out as a result.

Test titled Project Proton aims to try out how blockchain could solve characteristic problems for this sector. Famous media agency Mindshare has partnered with PepsiCo. The essence of the test was to carry out end-to-end supply chain reconciliation using Ziliqa's blockchain platform. The same test, using “standard” methods, was ongoing at the time to gauge the effectiveness of the technology. Smart contracts were further used to increase the process automation. PepsiCo is another big player, who is testing blockchain's possible usages.

Mindshare explains: “Smart contracts reconcile delivered impressions from different data sources and facilitate purchases by using internal token in near real time, resulting in major efficiency gains and complete transparency for the brand owners. Test results confirm efficiency increases during a campaign running through smart contracts, versus one without.”

PepsiCo's trial was conducted in march in the Asia Pacific region and the results brought are satisfying. Therefore it plans to continue with the second phase of testing with the addition of payments and performance metrics to explore blockchain's usage in programmatic advertising.


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