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Are you bull or bear?

|Slavomír Kaňuk|3941x

Not only in cryptocurrencies you can come across the terms bullish and bearish. Do you know if you are a bull or a bear and what is the difference?

How blockchain fees work

|Slavomír Kaňuk|1502x

Transaction fees vary on different blockchains and there are reasons for this. How does it work and why do we pay them rather than bank fees?

Does the crypto winter end and growing season begins?

|Ján Repa|1743x

Cryptocurrencies have been in the bear trend, sometimes also called the crypto winter, for almost two years. Nevertheless, this period has brought many innovations which can bring about mass adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in the coming years.

Three reasons behind Ether's growth this year

|Marek Feder|1160x

Does Ether finally sees a light at the end of the tunnel? After the problems Ether has gone through in recent months, the second-largest cryptocurrency is starting to flourish again. And these are the likely reasons behind its growth.

Blockchain bank group

|Matúš Kopalko|2221x

The investment bank giant plans to expand the existing blockchain project. He wants to solve problems associated with bad payments

Louis Vuitton on blockchain

|Matúš Kopalko|1382x

The fashion industry has always faced the problem of counterfeiting and it is still looking for best solution. Fake articles are becoming more and more popular worldwide.